TGGaA goes MunoM

On 13 November 2019 we, the elective “Model United Nation”, were invited to the European School to see how MunoM works. But – what exactly is MunoM and what has our elective to do with it?

The UN, the United Nations, is an international organisation that was created in 1945, after the Second World War, to prevent such catastrophes from happening in the future and to improve the lives of the world`s population. It`s made up of 193 countries which all work together to solve conflicts with peaceful solutions and to fight hunger and poverty as well as to stand up for human rights. To work properly on the problems, the UN is divided into organs like the General Assembly, which is like a world parliament or the Security Council, which works on resolutions to maintain peace.

MUN is a simulation of the UN where young people have the chance to discuss important international issues. It also helps to improve your English and your self-confidence. The head of our MUN is Mrs Marx.

MunoM is short for “Model United Nations of Munich” and basically does the same as our elective but in a much bigger style. It takes place in November in the European School with MUN school groups not only from all over Munich, but also other German cities as well as international groups. The main topic this year was “the pursuit of a sustainable future in the face of growing adversity” which basically means the way of improving the future while a lot of catastrophes and problems happen or in German “Das Streben nach einer nachhaltigen Zukunft im Angesicht von Elend”.

Our elective was divided in groups of two or three people. Then we were able to watch and listen to different sessions of the conference. I was in the General Assembly where we discussed the current situation in Venezuela and if the UN could help them and how. Other sessions, like the ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) had heated debates on the necessity of vaccines or gender equality.

It was a fantastic opportunity to experience an MUN conference, but next year we want to participate as proper MunoM delegates!

Mathilda Esser, 9b